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Labrador puppies are fun, exuberant and among the easiest to train. They are smarter than your average pup, but more important, they are notoriously easy to please. Put a plan in place, be disciplined in following it, and your carpets will be free of stains in no time.



    Establish your puppy's "bathroom" as soon as you bring it home. Secrets To Dog Training: End Your Dog's Behaviour Problems! Who else wants their very own dog for being well carried on around people and other pets? And also have them obey your entire residence guidelines... no matter if you're not around! Useful dog training won't come the natural way
    . As soon as you walk it in the door, walk immediately to your back door and stand outside with your puppy for a while, praising it and making it feel good about this area.


    Pick up the puppy when it urinates or defecates in your home. If possible, try to carry the puppy while it is doing this and get it into the yard before it is done. While this might be somewhat messy, it is important to get the puppy to start using the yard as much as possible. Puppies will "go" near where they have done so before, responding to the smell.


    Any time you get your puppy to do anything at all outside, shower it with praise. Pet it all over and give the puppy a lot of treats. Speak in a higher-pitched voice, repeating "Good dog" over and over.


    Clean up the mess as soon as possible. Use a strong carpet cleaner, then spray down the entire area with a scented solution.


    Repeat all of these steps. Eventually the puppy will learn to ask how to go outside by standing by the door and waiting for you or possibly barking; all dogs are different. Make sure that every time the puppy does this that you give it praise, as well as when it goes outside, does its business and comes back inside.

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