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The Maltese is a very sweet, gentle and affectionate dog. The Maltese is a small dog usually weighing about 10 lbs. with a soft silky coat that does not shed very much. A Maltese is a great family pet; hardy enough to be around kids and they are great with other dogs. They are very lively and love to play with an energy level that is not off the charts. Here are training tips for your Maltese.



    Crate train your Maltese. A Maltese can sometimes be difficult to house train. This is a common problem with small dogs. A crate will help you with the house training process. A crate is also a safe place for your Maltese when you are not around. A Maltese puppy, like any puppy, will find objects to chew on and this can be a problem when you are not around.

    With your Maltese in a crate you can relax knowing that your Maltese is safely confined to the crate. Crate training should be done using positive methods. You can fill a Kong toy and put it in the crate, you can toss treats and toys into the crate, anything that your Maltese likes. You want your puppy to make a strong positive association with the crate.


    Establish some leadership. A Maltese is just like any other dog and responds to boundaries. Being a social animal, your Maltese needs to understand that you are the leader. Establishing leadership is not done with harsh or rough methods. The best way to establish leadership is by controlling the activities that are important to your Maltese.

    These activities include: how you play, feeding habits, sleeping areas and social contact between you and your Maltese. See Resources below for links to my eHow articles on establishing leadership.


    Use treats and reinforce positive behavior. A Maltese tends to have a good appetite and they get excited around toys. Your Maltese should understand sit, stand, stay, come, down and how to walk politely on a leash.

    Even though a Maltese is a lively and hardy little dog, you do not have to use harsh training methods. In fact, due to their size a choke collar can do permanent damage to the neck.


    Socialize your Maltese puppy. If you get your Maltese as a puppy, bring your puppy with you to as many places as possible. A few Dog Training: End Your Dog's Actions Problems! Who else wants their particular dog to become well carried on around people and also other canines? And possess them pay attention to your house policies... regardless if you just aren't all around! Efficient dog training does not come normally
    . Expose your puppy to other dog-friendly dogs, people, places and sounds. Proper socialization will help your Maltese puppy to become a calm, stable adult dog.


    Groom your Maltese regularly. Start right away getting your Maltese used to brushing, bathing, ear cleaning, cleaning around the eyes and nail trimming. Start by doing short sessions and reward your Maltese for accepting the brushing--again we want your Maltese to associate grooming as a positive activity.


    Avoid picking up your Maltese when he is scared. We tend to pick up dogs and coo and coddle them when they are scared. Again, this reinforces the scared feelings and makes these feelings stronger. Over time it will become more and more difficult for the dog to handle loud noises.

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